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How To Create Vidyfuse Campaign

To create a Campaign on Vidyfuse is pretty easy and fast;

Vidyfuse allows You to change Your Text Character into a video using our powerful AI Technology.

Let’s get this done.

Step One: Login to VidyFuse and click on Create

Step Two: Add Campaign Name and Hit the Save button

Step Three: You will have an option to first select an Actor, Select Your most preferred actor, every actor comes with a different Voice.
Choose where Your actor will be displayed on the screen, it may be left, right or center
Then You get to select the size of the Actor and hit the Save button and click on Next to take You to the Next Edit Section.

PS: You can add more slides to a video, but Avoid clicking on generate Video until You are done with Editing Every Section

Step Four: Here You get to select the background for Your Video, You can use either use an image or color for the background and Hit the save Button, once the progress is saved, kindly hit the Next Button

Step Five: Enter Your Text in the text field by the right and You can select a background tone from the list of tones we have by the left hand then, hit the save button once the Video is saved You can now generate the Video if You do not want to add any further slide once You generate the Video You can not edit it again and it will be counted as a quote

Finally, You would wait for Your video to populate, it will take some minutes, as soon as it generates the video You will automatically get access to Play, download, or share Your video


Updated on March 4, 2021

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