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How To Add And Edit A Timer Element On Your Video

Countdown Timer can be used to create urgency or scarcity to an offer or product sale.

with Vidjack You can get this added to Your video in few steps

Let’s get started..

Step One: From Your Vidjack dashboard Create A project,

Enter Project Title, select Video Source either YouTube or Vimeo, Enter the Video URL, and click on the Create Button

Step Two: from Your dashboard, scroll to the left-hand Menu (element options); drag and drop the Timer Element on the Video Player.

You can adjust the Timer You added on the Timeline: Here You select the exact time Duration You want the Timer to display. as illustrated in the bottom section of the image below

Step Three: After dragging the Timer element to the Video Timeline, click on the Timer on the Video Editor and a list of edit section will appear on the left-hand menu and You will see a list of Settings options.
PS: To edit the Text on the countdown timer section, click on Text Section and it will be highlighted for you to edit

The Edit Section Comprises of:

  • Text: Here you get the option to edit the Timer Text You select the Font Family, Font Size, and Font Color
  • Color: Under this section You get to adjust the Countdown timer Text color and also the countdown timer background color
  • Layout: Here You adjust the Height and Weight of the Timer Element, You can also adjust the Padding and corners accordingly.
  • Presets: Pre-existing Timer types from Vidkack
  • Transition: You can add Transition to Your Timer, You can choose from the list of options You have once You click on Transition.
  • Start Time: with this Feature, You can select the time for the Timer to appear on the video by simply adding the clip time
  • End Time: with this Feature, You can select the time for the Timer to disappear on the video by simply adding the clip time
  • Pause Video Play: Here You get to decide if the Video should keep on playing when the Timer Element appears or if the Video should pause, If You leave the button toggled off the Video will keep on playing while the Timer Element appears and will eventually disappear once the End Time You selected is past. Should You leave the Button Toggled on; the video will pause and the Timer appear.
  • Event Date: Here You add the date to Your event or expiration date to the offer you are promoting.
  • Event Time: Here You add the time to Your event or expiration time to the offer you are promoting, the countdown timer will start counting down to the time You set

Once You are done with customizing, hit the save button and the Timer will be added successfully to Your Video.

Updated on March 1, 2021

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