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How to Set Up Custom Form

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up the Custom Form feature in Vidjack.

If you want to integrate with an autoresponder or mailing list service that is not currently listed in Vidjack, you can use our Custom Form integration.

This is suitable for any integration where your autoresponder system can provide you with HTML web form code for your autoresponder code.

Let’s begin with the first part,

Login to your Preferred Autoresponder

In this case, I’ll be using MailChimp as a case study. So I will log in to my Mailchimp account and create a sign up form.

Go to Audience, and click on Signup Forms

You can edit the form and add other fields the way you like.

Click on Continue to get the Form Code

Next Step…

Login to Vidjack

Open any campaign you want to work with and click on Integration

Click on Custom Form

Once the custom form opens, paste the Form Code you copied from your autoresponder into it and test it.

Save and test the code

Let’s actually optin to see if our lead will be saved in the autoresponder

So add the Subscribe Element to your campaign and optin to it

Let go to my autoresponder to see if the lead is stored.



If you run into any issues, you can reach out to our support via the chat widget on this page.

Updated on September 22, 2022

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