Editor Overview

Vidjack editor is loaded with lots of features that help to convert any video into leads and sales machine possible.

From the Left-hand Menu, we have the Interactive Elements that can be added to Your Video…

Interactive Elements ranging from

  • Text: With this Element, You can add Text to Your Video on Vidjack
  • Image: With this Element, You can add Image to Your Video on Vidjack
  • Button: With the Button Element You can create a Call to Action on Your Video
  • Subscribe: The Subscribe button will help You convert Your Viewer into direct Leads
  • Product: You can add a Product to Your Video and makes sales directly from Your video
  • Quiz: You can create a quiz directly on Your Video
  • Timer: Adding a countdown timer can create urgency or scarcity in the mind of viewers and in turn, it increases conversion of what You are offering
  • Reward: You can also give a reward to Your Viewers for viewing Your video till a particular part of the
  • Share: You can add a Share Button to Your Tour Video
  • Video: You add an additional video to Your video
  • Embed: Here You can embed any HTML code to Your Video on Vidjack
  • Map: Adding a google map can be a great way to embed illustrate a particular location in Your Video, You can add a map with the Map Element

Click here to see how to add and edit these interactive Elements on Your Video

In summary with the Left-hand Menu, You can add Multiple Interactive Elements to Your video.

Next, is the footer section of the dashboard where we have the Video Timeline, Volume Adjustment, Add and delete layer option, Video Timeline settings, Play and Pause option for Your Videos

Okay, let’s go over them one at a time just to get a more detailed view.

Volume Adjust section: Increasing and reducing the sound of Your Video while editing, is done from this section

Motion Control: Here You Play and Pause Your video as You are editing,

Layer Settings: Here You can add a Layer with the (+) Plus Icon or Delete a Layer by simply clicking on the Red Bin Icon. Each Layer comes with a delete option and a Timeline as well.

Timeline: You can adjust Your Interractive Elements here as soon as they are added to the Video. Once You add an Element to the Video it Appears on the Time Line and You drag the Element on the Time Line along the Time line section.

Video Clip Settings: On the right down of Your dashboard You have this setting to adjust both Video Speed and Quality from Your Vidjack Dashboard.

Lastly, we have the Top Menu Bar, here You can

  • Undo: Undo what You have done
  • Redo: To redo what You have undone
  • Integration: Here You can integrate Your Autoresponder to Vidjack, Click here for more details on Integration 
  • Desktop: You can preview Your View on desktop View
  • Tablet: You can preview Your View on tablet View to check responsiveness and settings properly
  • Mobile: You can preview Your View on tablet View to check responsiveness and settings properly
  • Embed: Here You can copy the code to embed Your Video on Your own website
  • Preview:  With one click You can Preview Your Video
  • Exit: Once You are done with Your Video Editing Hit this button to Exit the editor dashboard
  • Save: Hit the save button to save Your Tour either in Progress on when You are done
  • Video Settings: With the Video settings You can add special Features to Your Video display, i.e Autoplay: choose if Your Video should play Automatically, VideoController, Redirect URL, Player, Thumbnails, and more can be added to Your Video

That’s it for the Editors Dashboard on Vidjack, in subsequent articles we will discuss how to use Vidjack Elements, Settings, and integrations.

Updated on March 16, 2021

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